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Plastic recycling and shredding

Our service offers you well thought-out and legally compliant processes for an optimal recycling result.

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About the service

Electronic devices often contain a variety of plastics that can cause significant environmental impact if not disposed of properly. With a treatment concept for plastic recycling, our trained personnel can identify the different types of plastics and sort them correctly during the dismantling of electrical equipment.

How does it work?

Our certified transport service ensures safe collection and disposal of waste electrical equipment.

  • Different test methods are used for identification - visual identification, material density test, fire test, solubility test
  • Plastics such as ABS, HIPS, PC, PS, PP and ABS/PP can be accepted and recycled
  • Using shredders, the plastics are processed into flakes, which are then returned to the recycling industry as feedstock for new products

Why we recycle plastic?

The recycling of plastics, which are produced during the dismantling of electrical appliances, reduces environmental pollution and conserves finite resources. Electrical appliances often contain a large number of plastics that, if disposed of improperly, lead to significant environmental impacts. Recycling initiatives are therefore particularly important to minimize the negative impact and avoid harmful emissions.

We provide high quality recycling for your electric appliances

We are dedicated to help and work to leave positive impact in Ghana history. As an industry leading e-waste recycling agency we set high standards in service and leadership for Ghana.