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E-Waste recycling for old appliances

Our service offers you well thought-out and legally compliant processes for an optimal recycling result.

Circuit boards from old electrical appliances

About the service

Environmentally sound handling of electronic waste is indispensable and must be demanded in every respect. Through the certification as a specialist disposal company, we not only have the official authorization to operate a disposal facility, we also guarantee companies, authorities and private customers that the electrical scrap taken over will be recycled professionally by experienced employees.

How does it work?

Our certified transport service ensures safe collection and disposal of waste electrical equipment.

  • Reliable waste logistics through transport permit, appointment and load securing for maximum protection
  • Sorting of the accepted e-waste into categories, as well as separating wired and wireless devices
  • Examination of waste electrical equipment for possible reuse and spare parts recovery
  • Dismantling and removal of pollutants based on defined treatment concept and recycling of individual components

Why we do e-waste recycling

Sustainable e-waste recycling is important to protect the environment and people's health. Electronic devices contain valuable materials such as copper and gold, but also toxic substances such as lead and mercury. Improper disposal can lead to environmental pollution and health problems. Sustainable recycling recovers valuable resources and safely disposes of environmentally harmful substances.

We provide high quality recycling for your electric appliances

We are dedicated to help and work to leave positive impact in Ghana history. As an industry leading e-waste recycling agency we set high standards in service and leadership for Ghana.