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Destruction of data carriers

Our service offers you well thought-out and legally compliant processes for an optimal recycling result.

Pile of old data carriers

About the service

At Electro Recycling Ghana Limited, we understand that the sustainable destruction of sensitive data on equipment to be disposed of is becoming increasingly important. That's why we take care of reliable and secure data destruction to protect your privacy and that of your company. Our employees are trained to handle data properly and dispose of it sustainably.

How does it work?

  • Secure transport of your data in locked containers by trained staff
  • EAN registration and documentation of each data carrier in a secured data protection room
  • Removal of the data carrier and destruction by shredding
  • Accumulating electronic waste is transferred to sustainable recycling

Why data destruction

Data destruction is important to protect sensitive information from misuse and theft. Unauthorized individuals could access personal or business data and use it for illegal purposes. A responsible company should ensure that all data media that is no longer needed is securely and effectively destroyed.

We provide high quality recycling for your electric appliances

We are dedicated to help and work to leave positive impact in Ghana history. As an industry leading e-waste recycling agency we set high standards in service and leadership for Ghana.