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We recognize and seize opportunities

Knowledge transfer and training support the dissemination of best practices for efficient waste management. Through trained employees, we have a positive impact on the economic, business and social development of companies. People can recognize the importance of sustainable waste management and positively impact the environment and their quality of life. Secure jobs, improved living conditions and the strengthening of social cohesion are the result.

Training of employees

Safety in the workplace and the correct handling of critical waste are crucial for the health of employees and the protection of the environment. Technical understanding in handling machines, safe handling in recognizing critical substances and economically effective treatment concepts are the result of a large number of instructions and training courses.

The importance of teaching each other

Effective knowledge transfer is an indispensable part of our corporate strategy. It helps promote innovation, improves the quality of our products and services, increases productivity and enables personal development. In addition, knowledge transfer strengthens our competitive advantages and continuous growth.

Knowledge transfer from Germany

In the last years since its foundation, elorec GmbH supports ERG Ltd. and Ghanaian environmental authorities mainly in its function as process sponsor. It helps to operate a plant according to European safety standards, to structure processes and e-recycling and to ensure social responsibility towards the employees.

Ghanaian shaking hands with Hans-Werner Müller

Ghanaien e-waste association

As an independent non profit organization TAEEEG provides training of association members on e-waste management to equip and empower them for the job market and become agents of change in the e-waste value chain.


TAEEEG cooperates with international organizations like giz to create educational concepts for Ghanaians.


Developing recycling and sharing information - our initiatives to promote a formal sector involving informal activities.


Environmental protection is not an option for us, but a necessity through the extraction of additional resources.

TAAAEG workshop
TAAAEG workshop